Rose Gold: The Equivalent To The Perfect Makeup Highlight

Practically everyone has an obsession with rose gold. The biggest names in jewelry and fashion have designed and released rose gold in some form or another.

To me, rose gold is equivalent to the perfect makeup highlight; it looks good on just about everyone. Rose gold has a delicate and playful tone that you can pair with so many different jewelry and clothes. The diversity of rose gold is why so many people and designers are obsessed with it. I mean, Diane Von Furstenberg offers a rose gold crocodile embossed clutch. How much more diverse can it get?

To give you some rose gold inspiration, we have collected some of our favorite rose gold engagement rings. Feel free to share the blog post with your significant other to give them a subtle hint of what you want, they will appreciate it later, trust me.

Ring 1 – The detail in this ring is insane, which is why we love it so much.

Ring 2 – The classic halo with diamonds all around.

Ring 3 – Not just one, not just two, but three diamonds create the centerpiece to this beauty.

Ring 4 – A firm believer in the classics, you can never go wrong with this masterpiece. Also, that heart in the middle are the details we love.

Ring 5 – This ring is for all those women who love to be “extra.” The secret is you can never be too extra. Extra diamonds. Extra sparkle. Extra happiness.

Which ring is your favorite? We love to know. Comment below!