Alli & Kyle

May, 2019

Papillion, NE

It was at a Relay for Life event in April 2015 when I had been eyeing the bearded cutie at his fraternity’s fundraising booth. By some act of “luck,” I won a drawing to pie him in the face…the rest was history. After dating through college and beyond for nearly four years, it was no small secret that Kyle and I were bound to spend the rest of our lives together, and it was no smaller secret that I was getting antsy for him to finally pop the question. May 18th, 2019: a normal Saturday morning filled with the usual, “What should we do today?” conversations. As I replay that special day in my head with hindsight, all the small pieces fit together perfectly like a puzzle made just for us; in the moment though, I was completely clueless. Kyle had planned a day full of all our favorite things. We golfed 18 holes, had supper at our go-to restaurant, and followed with plans to meet my best friend and her husband for drinks at a brewery nearby. We walked in and immediately Kyle tells the hostess that, “we’re upstairs.” Now, it might help to note that the upstairs is a space available to rent for small gatherings. So, in my panic of potentially walking in on some random person’s personal dinner party, I start to question why on earth we are upstairs. “Did you see them? Wait, no! Kyle, there are other people sitting at that table, that’s not them!” “Just keep walking,” he says. I turn the corner and climb the stairs. Kyle’s plan illuminates as I see a table full of all our best friends. In my heart, I knew what was coming and I swear it skipped a beat. “What’s everyone doing here?” I ask, heart racing and nervous. “Well, they’re here to celebrate.” I turn around to see the love of my life on one knee holding a perfect, sparkly ring. He asks me to marry him, and before he can even finish his question, tears stream down my face. Tears of happiness and pure shock. Of course, I said YES and we were able to celebrate with our best friends. And pie.

14 karat white gold oval diamond ring