Tara & Robert

June 1, 2019

Turtle River State Park, North Dakota

Bobby and I met several years ago, and God allowed our paths to cross again about 3 1/2 years ago. This time there was a deep connection neither one of us could deny! We knew we wanted our future to be together! I found my dream ring at Gunderson’s and knowing Bobby was ordering it, I guess you could say that I kept harassing him with the question, “Has the ring arrived yet?” Poor guy! I’m currently working as a travel nurse and I was on assignment in New York at the time. Shortly before flying home for a break before assignments, Bobby informed me that the ring had arrived but that there was a flaw in it. It did not meet Gunderson’s standards so it was shipped back and would be at least another 5 weeks before he would have it. My response was that of obvious disappointment because I was hoping for a proposal upon my return! Bobby then asked me to please promise him that I would quit asking questions about the ring because I was stressing him out. I promised to not ask anymore questions and realized that I was ruining my own surprise. I decided that the delay was actually a blessing in disguise because now I could go home, enjoy the time I would get to have with him, and not constantly be wondering “Is he going to propose now?” I flew in on Friday and Saturday we drove out to our special spot where we love hiking and just spending time together in nature, Turtle River State Park. Last year Bobby carved our names with a heart around them out there and we were trying to find it. He graciously kept letting me pick the trail because I was so certain I knew where I was going. Three trails later we finally found the spot! Bobby told me to go stand away from him because he wanted to carve a picture for me. When he was finished, he called me over to look at it. He had carved “Ingaged 6/1/19” under the heart. I didn’t read it as one word at first, but then it clicked, “I think he’s meaning ‘Engaged’!” My next thought was, “But he wouldn’t propose without the ring!” So I stood there having this debate in my head, oblivious to the fact that he was right next to me down on one knee! He finally tapped my elbow to get my attention and with the sweetest words ever spoken to me, he asked me to marry him! And then he opened up his hand and there was the ring!!! He had very convincingly made up the story about the ring having a flaw in it to throw me off and in the end he was able to surprise me! Thank-you Jody for all of your help in our exciting journey! You truly made the whole process of picking out my engagement ring a joy!