Allison & Cole

May 29 2019

Mount Rushmore

We decided on a last-minute trip out to the black hills, which we try to make annually. Cole’s family has a cabin in Custer that has turned into our favorite getaway location. I am usually the one wanting to do all the touristy, hot spots rather than just relaxing at the cabin, but the weather had been raining most of our time out there. On one of our last days before heading home, the weather cooperated enough for us to check out Prairie Berry and the Minor Brewing Company in Hill City. We then went and had supper at our favorite restaurant, Custer Wolf, and then Cole brought up the idea of checking out the lighting ceremony at Mount Rushmore. We got cleaned up and I originally was going to put on comfy sweatpants but Cole suggested jeans “because they were warmer.” On our way there, it suddenly started to downpour and we debated turning around but the rained stopped within a couple minutes and completely cleared out when we arrived at Mount Rushmore. It was close to 10:30 pm when we got there and we were able to get a front row parking spot with only a handful of other visitors around. Me, being excited to get up to the ledge and take pictures, starts walking fast with Cole tugging on my hand to slow down and enjoy the view. As we got closer to the edge, Cole mentioned that he wishes he would have brought his binoculars so he could see better. I looked over to the side and pointed out the binoculars they had there to look through. I walked over to look through them and couldn’t see anything and realized you had to put a couple quarters in for them to work. As I turned around to tell Cole this, there I saw him down on one knee. I instantly started crying as Cole began to talk. To this day, I still don’t know exactly what he said, I was just so excited. He paused for a second and I figured that’s when he asked me and was waiting for a response, so I screamed “Yes!” He laughed and said he hadn’t even asked me yet and then ‘officially’ asked me and of course I said yes again. I honestly didn’t even get a chance to see the ring when he was holding it until after he put in on my finger and we had to shine our phone light on it since it was close to 11 o’clock at night and pretty dark out. I joked afterwards saying that there could have been nothing in the box and I still would have said yes! 🙂 We had never gone to go look at rings because I wanted to be surprised and knew he would pick something perfect. Safe to say, he did a fantastic job. 🙂

White gold twisted diamond band with princess cut diamond center stone

June 27, 2020

Howard, SD