Ashley & Joshua

July 12, 2018

At our home

Well I was looking at rings and couldn’t decide in what I wanted to get her even though I had some good ideas. Well some people had told me to try this thing I had heard on the radio. It was the Oh My Gundersons Diamond Dash! I thought that would be awesome the girlfriend and I could go and win it together and it would be way more important to the both of us. So I one day after work left a few hints about the day and the whole event. She told me there would be no way she could make it due to work and plus getting time off with such short notice. While me not telling her I already signed us up. So I had an idea that if I could bring someone else and we kept it a secret and not say a thing and surprise her. Then I thought would be better to do this with and would it be okay if Ashley wasn’t there. Me being foolish I asked her sister before going to Gundersons first to see if it was okay before the fact. Luckily her sister said yes to helping and Gundersons said it was okay as long as they were registered with me. So Her sister and I getting pumped up each day till July 12th of 2018 we were getting ourselves prepared to run or push our selves to try and win. On July 12th her sister and were both nervous for the day to start with this whole even especially when we seen all the people there. It made it almost seem like it would not be worth it with this many people and plus not knowing what may be in-store for us in the next couple of hours. Well after signing in and finding out we had 2 hours to do a city scavenger hunt with questions we got, a slight relief that this might not be too hard and we were wrong. The first 2 questions we had right out of the gate we got wrong. We both went and looked at each other and thought well this might be over but we thought a good 2nd wouldn’t be bad at all. So we pushed through and ran as hard as we could and it was really fun especially when I “fake” purpose to her sister and a wonderfully nice old lady that had been walking down the street; “her husband said I could keep her but I would have to bring his wife home be 9” ha. After doing all that we got to about 20 minutes left and we both looked and seen we had 4 left to go. We thought well we could just stop because we bumped into so many other couples that had stop because they thought no one could possibly do all the questions and get to all the sites. But we went screw it go big or go home. We made it to all of them and when we got done with the last one we had 2 minutes left and we were by the downtown city hall. The only way you could win or get your points counted you had to be back at the home site before time was up. SO left with the only choice we ran!! Running and seeing other couples yelling and screaming for us as we were spiriting as fast as our legs could push. We even had one guy hear what was going on and block traffic just so we could make it! We made it back to the building with 5 seconds to spare! They told everyone that the winners will be announced in 15 minutes. We sat there thinking there was no way we won 1405 points. We kept hearing people around us saying we made it way up in the thousands and we just kept feeling our heart sink. Then the girlfriend and my mom call wondering on the outcome and we both said I think we didn’t make it but they haven’t announced the winners yet. So they called everyone in for the prizes and the best prize of all. They started with 3rd and it sucked because points weren’t even announced so we had a little hope maybe there might be a small chance. 2nd gets called and we hold our breathe for first and they make a speech letting everyone know that they all did a great job with all of this! They say “the winning team is Maurice/Mormann”! I dang near sh*t my pants and her sister started to cry we both won!! So us jumping up and down like little kids we couldn’t contain ourselves at all!! Heck I couldn’t even talk when they asked me how was i feeling as I was shaking! Then they asked me you gonna propose right now. I went “ha funny thing about that, this is the soon to be fiance’s sister ha”. The guy with mic said “tell everyone here”. So I did and I got kinda boooed but I asked first! Then again the “fiance” calls and asked “did you win?” I said ” no we lost by 1 point” Her being nice, goes oh well that just means it’s not meant to be, but oh was she going to get a surprise when I get home. I show up and my mom and Ashley are sitting on the swing in the back yard. They come up to give me and her sister a hug for trying. Then I do it right there I get down on one knee and say the best words that could come out of my mouth “Ashley will you Marry me the lucky sob that you know ha!!” Needless to say my mom, her sister, and my dad come running to her and give her the biggest hug she has probably ever gotten and keeps saying “I’m so excited for you!” It wasn’t until about 2 minuets after that she finally said yes because she actually was able to talk! I know it wasn’t romantic really any ways I knew after winning the ring I couldn’t hold all that excitement in!

Beautiful Uneek Diamond ring with a gorgeous 1ct diamond the sparkles in any light and can grab the attention of any person looking.

October 10, 2020

Canton Barn