Blythe & Clint

March 30, 2019

PROPOSAL Location:
Calico Skies Vineyard and Winery – Inwood, IA

1,887 days – that is how long it took for Clint to ask me to become his wife. Clint and I met online on January 28th, 2014. I am originally from Kansas and he is from South Dakota. He finally convinced me to meet him in person in 2014. The rest is history! We dated long distance for three years until July 2017 when I got into Graduate School at USD. I am in the Occupational Therapy program and will be graduating with my doctorate in May 2020. I saw an ad pop up on my Facebook one day last June 2018 for the Oh My Gundersons contest. I didn’t get my hopes up thinking I couldn’t get Clint to agree to participate in it. He surprisingly agreed since we were talking about looking at rings at the time anyway. We both thought – what do we have to lose? Little did we know our lives would forever change on Thursday July 12th, 2018. It was so hot the day of the contest and I remember telling myself – just keep going! We worked our little tails off rushing from place to place. At the end of the competition we both agreed we tried our best and whatever happens happens. When they started calling out who got third and second place I thought to myself – could we have actually won this?! WE DID WIN! We both were SO shocked and I cried! Clint proposed to me after 5 years of dating at a vineyard with a couple of my closest friends from grad school. I had been suspicious all week wondering why he wanted to take me to a winery since he never suggests to go to one. I kept telling my friends that I was suspicious and they told me no it’s not happening because we are going. The day of the proposal I was still a little suspicious until I got home and saw him not dressed up or clean shaven so I convinced myself the proposal was not happening today. After a couple of hours at the winery Clint went out to the parking lot and I followed him several minutes later lead by my friends. He was crouched down playing with a dog by my car and I went over by him. Clint told me to open the back of my Jeep and I found a big box. When I opened the box it had a picture of Backstreet Boys with the checklist that said – boy band, fiancé, ring – will you marry me? At this time Clint was on one knee asking me to be his wife! I was SO shocked since I talked myself out of it. My friends recorded the whole proposal since they were in on it! The ring was actually in its box under a giant cookie in the cake!

Uneek 18K White Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with 1 ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

September 6th, 2020

Black Hills Receptions and Rentals – Rapid City, SD