Vanessa & Brett

November 28, 2019

Sioux Falls, SD

It was the night of Thanksgiving, and Vanessa and Brett had just got back from spending the holiday with family in Omaha. Vanessa knew Brett was going to pop the question at some point because they had talked about it and had gone ring shopping, but she did not expect it on a holiday. It was just the two of them at their home in Sioux Falls. Vanessa’s mind was set on doing some online shopping for Black Friday to catch some deals and save some money for Christmas gifts. She was in the living room when Brett went into the spare bedroom. Little did she know, he was getting the ring he had picked up just two days earlier to propose. He yelled for Vanessa saying he needed her in the room for a second. Vanessa thought he just needed help with something, and she walked in and he was down on one knee. All he got out was “Vanessa Gomez” and she immediately said “Shut up. This is not real. Are you serious? Is this a joke?” She was clearly in shock, but he said “I know this hasn’t been the most memorable Thanksgiving so I wanted to make it a more memorable one. Will you marry me?” She said “One million times yes!” He hadn’t even opened the box yet, and when he did, the ring was exactly what she had wanted and even more beautiful. They were able to take in the moment just the two of them, and then they decided to start calling friends and family to share the exciting news. Vanessa’s family lives in Sacramento, CA so many of them were just getting together for their Thanksgiving dinner since they are two hours behind. Brett and Vanessa were able to FaceTime them and celebrate with everyone together. They went down the list calling relatives, celebrating with people one by one and getting more and more excited as time went on.

A 14 karat white gold princess cut diamond with a halo with diamonds wrapped halfway around the band.

July 25, 2020

Loomis, CA