At Gunderson’s, we love finding the perfect engagement ring for every client. Sometimes, that perfect ring doesn’t exist… yet. Even though we carry thousands of rings from top designers such as Ritani, Michael M, A. Jaffe, and Uneek—you still may not have found ‘the one’. Close enough doesn’t cut it, read more to see how easy designing a custom ring at Gunderson’s can be!

Gunderson’s is proud to have a full team of custom designers, goldsmiths, technicians, and gemologists that are ready to make your dream ring a reality. This is what happened when Anna and Nick walked into our Fargo location. Anna had a specific ring design in mind but couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for no matter how hard she looked.
Anna & Nick proposal picture
She was lucky to work with Alice, one of our sales specialists at our Fargo location, who quickly identified the major details that Anna couldn’t find in the other rings she tried on. Instead of a cut and dry plan, creating a custom ring is like a conversation between friends. There are a lot of details that need to be decided before a ring gets cast, and the team at Gunderson’s is not only knowledgeable, but flexible, too!

Over the course of their meeting, Alice got to know both Anna and Nick and the ring they envisioned. After their initial appointment, Alice got to work with our team of designers to start the process on a proposal for a custom-made ring. After a few minor details got worked out, the all-clear was given to start casting Anna’s dream ring.

I bet you want to know what the ring looked like! Or how the proposal went?! Okay, we’ll divulge.

Custom ring A few months later, on a normal evening (as normal as could be expected during the COVID-19 lockdown) Anna noticed that their cat, Stella, had a new bandana on. This wasn’t too unusual, but she was intrigued. Something caught her eye and she looked up to find Nick standing there with a grin. That’s when she knew something was off…

“Why don’t you read what it says?” asked Nick.

Anna picked up the cat, unfurled the bandana, and read out loud what was printed: “Will you be my forever mom?”

Tied in the bandana was the ring that Anna had only seen in her wildest dreams. The main attraction is a beautiful round brilliant diamond, set in white gold, surrounded by a diamond halo. Two pear shaped diamonds flanked the center, each with their own diamond halo. The matching wedding bands shadow the outline of the ring beautifully, making this ring truly complete.

Before Nick was able to ask his own question, Anna already gave her answer: yes!

For his ring, the couple chose a stunning white gold band from Crown Ring. The outstanding quality and craftsmanship of all Crown Ring products ensures that Nick will be wearing his band for decades to come—worry free! Talk about a great pair!

Anna and Nick couldn’t be happier they chose to shop with Gunderson’s! Their experience during the custom process was low pressure and conversational—which is what it should be. A custom designed ring should be all about you. If you can think it, we can make it. Don’t settle for something that is close to what you want—find the perfect ring with something custom designed from Gunderson’s. Contact us to see how easy it can be!

Photo credits: @abbyanders