Anna & Josh Proposal Story

September 27,2021

Little Hunter's Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine

My fiancé Josh is from Maine and has been talking about taking me there since we had first started dating. We were trying to make the trip work for about three years - but it never worked out. First it was finances, then it was work, then it was Covid-19. Finally, we decided to plan it and finally go once we were vaccinated. In September of 2021, we decided to drive up to beautiful Maine. We had so much planned for our 10 day trip - all the while I was not allowed to know the plans. On Monday September 27th, Josh and I woke up at 4AM to drive to Acadia National Park to see the sunrise. This is where the sun first touches the soil in America and we got to watch it over the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. We spent all day in Acadia National Park, visiting Jordan Pond, eating some great food, visiting some beautiful floral gardens. Our last stop was Little Hunter's Beach in Acadia. We sat together on some driftwood and watched the waves for some time while the sun set. We watched birds dive and we watched the pines sway. It was so amazing. Josh stood up and took me a little closer to the water where, after 5 years of dating, he asked me for my hand in marriage. It was the perfect place and the most magical experience I've ever had. We have never been so happy together and can't wait to get married. Thank you Gunderson's for making this day SO magical with my perfect ring!

Marquise center Moissanite, gold band, and 6 accent diamonds

October 29, 2022

A View On State - Omaha, NE