Brittany & Josh Proposal Story

October 17, 2021

Lake Alvin

Josh and I have been dating for 6 years now. He has been given a lot of guff the past 3 or more years about proposing!    
Way back in August I had scheduled professional pictures to be taken by my friend who is a photographer. We decided on October 10th at Lake Alvin. When I told Josh about pictures I kept joking about it being the perfect time to propose, not thinking much of it. I figured he never would since I gave him the idea.

A week or so later we finally went and looked at rings together. I had been looking on my own for awhile and found the one I LOVED at Gundersons! I had no clue when he was going to order it (I was secretly hoping he would get it soon so he could propose on our 6 year dating anniversary!) But he had something better planned.

Due to some family circumstances we had to reschedule our pictures to October 17th. That day Josh and I drove out to Lake Alvin to meet Ashley. There was a ton of people doing the same thing we were there for. Ashley got started and we took some photos, got some good laughs, and went to different areas by the lake. We had been taking photos for about 30 mins when we went down to the dock to finish up. Ashley got towards the end of her list of ideas and said she couldn’t think of any more ideas. So in my mind I was kind of disappointed knowing it wasn’t going to happen tonight, but also not surprised. And at the moment Josh said “Well how about this for an idea and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!!”

That was the best moment of my life. I was shocked to say the least - just look at the picture! I was 100% positive he wasn’t going to propose that day and was becoming okay with it. And then out of nowhere he asks me to be his wife! AND, of course, I said YES!

Later on I found out he told Ashley 5 minutes before that he was planning on it and she was freaking out because she didn’t have anything prepared for this. She tried to help him by staging a few pictures, but he wasn’t getting the hint.

I’ve always dreamt about what my proposal story would be like one day. I pictured myself bawling my eyes out (because I’m a super emotional person), but I didn’t. I just smiled and smiled knowing this was real life - we were getting married!

I am so thankful Ashley was there to capture this moment. I will always get to look back at the pictures, seeing Josh down on one knee smiling, and me standing there stunned. I will never forget that day - October 17, 2021.

A. Jaffe

June 25, 2022

Sioux Falls, SD