Brittany & Ralph

December 12, 2020

Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha, NE

Ralph told me he was going to pick me up for our date to Lauritzen Gardens, but instead of his car, I was greeted by a limousine with the red carpet rolled out. I hopped into the limo and found two manilla envelopes. One said "Welcome Brittany" and contained a letter explaining this was an elaborate third year anniversary scavenger hunt that had to be pushed back because of Covid. The next manilla envelope was marked "1" and contained a second letter talking about our first date in downtown Omaha, along with some candies and a rubber ducky. I told the driver to head to Hollywood Candy (where Ralph, according to the letter, would be waiting). Once there, I made a beeline to the part of the store where I thought he would be waiting. He was there and seemed as nervous as I was, but he pulled out another envelope marked "2". From there, we visited a few other places important to our relationship, with the last envelope containing a puzzle of the Lauritzen Gardens. He led me around the indoor greenhouses and eventually to the outdoor parks which had graciously just been coated in a light cloak of snow. As we were walking he stopped suddenly, handed me a candle, lit it, and started talking to me about how our relationship has made us both so happy. He got down on one knee, and he asked me to marry him. To which I said "Yes!" while crying the happiest tears of my life.

Solitaire round-cut diamond ring with diamond-studded white gold band

May 28, 2022

University of Notre Dame