Elana and Michael Proposal Story

May 17, 2020

Our home

My fiancé informed me that he was had to go out of town for a business meeting. We packed up his overnight bag together, enjoyed the last few hours together before he left. I kissed him goodbye and watched him pull out of the driveway. An hour after he left as I was finishing up getting ready to go out to a dinner reservation with my friends I received a phone call from him stating that he had gotten a flat tire on the road and did not have the proper tool to change it. He asked if I could drive out to him so he could use the tool from my vehicle, I knew I would be late to my dinner reservation so I quickly made my way to where he said he had broken down, as the sun started to set I could see a bunch of lights in a corn field just off to the left side of the road, I paid no mind to the lights because as I got closer and closer I could see his truck parked on the right side of the road and what looked like him squatting down looking at the back tire. I got out of my car and walked up to him asking what exactly he needed from my vehicle, as I got up to him he turned around with the ring in his hand as he kneeled down on 1 knee. He first apologized for lying to me and promised it would never happen again, right before he asked me to Marry him. I said YES as I tried to fight back tears from ruining my dinner make up, but all of that fighting was a waste because when he told me to turn around and look into the field behind me I noticed the light filled tent I had seen in the distance only now I can clearly see now that it was not only filled with all of his friends and family but also my family AND my girlfriends I was late to meet for dinner!!!! He had arranged the entire thing from the fake business meeting, to having my girlfriends plan a dinner reservation, to even making sure I wear my favorite dress that I love taking pictures in to dinner by having my sister request that I wear a sunflower dress to match hers because he knew I would always find a reason to wear my favorite dress. I could not fight back the tears any longer! He truly is an amazing man and I’m really happy to spend my life with him.

An amazing double halo Single diamond setting with diamonds halfway down the band

January 2, 2021

Norfolk, Ne