Elizabeth & Paul

Febuary 14, 2021

The Kitchen in Paul's Family Home

The night before Valentine's Day, I asked Paul if we could wake up early and have breakfast together before going to Mass on Sunday morning. I arrived at his childhood home to find roses on the kitchen table, but I didn't think anything more than that it was a sweet Valentine's Day bouquet. He invited me to have a cup of coffee with him, but I hesitated because I had already had coffee on my own and didn't want to get the jitters. He invited me again to share something warm with him "in my special mug." I have two special mugs at his house, but he also has LOTS of other mugs, so though I assented to have coffee with him, I hesitated over which mug to grab. After initially reaching for a mug that wasn't mine, I settled on my special mug, which was a Christmas gift from Paul. Coiled up inside was a sweet note from Paul, expressing his desire to "drink coffee with me every morning." It still wasn't computing in my brain (I guess I did need that second cup of coffee!!) until he broke off our hug to get down on one knee! Of course, I said "YES," and we are so excited to move forward into a life of shared coffees each morning!

My ring is a three-stoned beauty with hidden sapphire and ruby and a braided band. It is so dainty and perfect. I LOVE it, and a number of people have said, "That ring is so *you!*" I couldn't agree more!

June 12, 2021

Foley, Minnesota - St. Lawrence Catholic Church & the Schneider Family Farm