Elli and Dillion Proposal Story

July 5, 2021

Pelican Lake, Minnesota

Enjoying our favorite holiday , Dillon and I took the entire week off of work. The morning after the 4th of July, Dillon took me out on our wakeboarding boat to go wakeboarding and surfing. On the way over to the quiet part of the lake Dillon was playing some of our favorite songs, and being who I am I was belting out every lyric. When arriving to the calm side of the lake he asked if I would care to jump in for a swim with him, I said yes. After swimming he got into the boat and asked if I would like a towel, I said yes and continued to swim...during this time he got the video recorder rolling on his phone, and sneakily grabbed the box with the ring. After getting out of the boat I was not paying attention and continues to talk about the loons in the water that I was so interested in for some reason...when not receiving any response about the loons from Dillon ,I turned around, and there he was on his knee!! I quickly got into the boat right in front of him....and he asked me to be he wife! I said "of course I will". I remember just being in awe over how amazing and personal his proposal was and how beautiful the ring was...We could not be happier with our special day!

Oval cut with halo and jewled band

August 26, 2023

Barn at Dunvilla