Ellie & Cade Proposal story

October 10, 2021

Minneapolis Institute of Art

We went to visit my family in Minneapolis over a long weekend. Cade had planned a trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Art, one of my favorite places as a college Art major. We had even planned our outfits in advance to look cute and coordinate. After walking around the museum for a while, Cade lead me to an outdoor courtyard. There was large birch trees, a couple statues, an area with some marble pillars—very beautiful! From there, he got down on one knee on the paved path. I absolutely accepted, and two photographers popped out from behind a nearby tree! We then got to take photos around the MIA. From there, Cade mentioned that we should probably get going, despite us not having any (known) plans. We drove back to my home, about 10 minutes away, to find my sister waiting on my porch. She lead us inside, where ALL of our family was waiting! Grandparents, aunt & uncle, my sisters family, and even Cades family all the way from South Dakota. Cade and my sister had planned some beautiful decorations and had ordered pizza and created a meat and cheese board for us. It was an incredible day filled with lots of love and surprises and was absolutely perfect. I loved the engagement party and it meant so much to me that our families got to be included!

14k white gold band, H VSI .76 karat diamond

April 15, 2023

Minneapolis, MN