September 19, 2020

Storm Lake, IA

On September 19, 2020, Jamie and I went out on our boat with our good friends Nate and Marissa (who knew I was proposing and came along to take pictures). I had coordinated with both families to be set up on the dock with "Will you marry me" signs so when we came back into the marina, they would be there to lift the signs up. My brother was in charge of making sure everything was set up and text me when they were good to go. Unfortunately, it was rather windy that day so we ended up hiding around the corner from the docks and had a few adult beverages. After about an hour or so, Jamie stated that she would need to use the restroom. I was panicking because I had not gotten the text message from my brother stating that they were ready so I stalled a bit and finally received the message I was waiting for. We then proceeded back towards the docks. Jamie instantly noticed the people on the docks and soon realized it was both of our families. She then looked at me and I said "They just wanted to be here when SOMEDAY happened." (which has been a running joke that SOMEDAY we would get married). She then stated "Is that today?!" I then stood up and waved, which was the signal to raise the signs. Of course, I had not seen how the signs were setup and they had been setup backwards, fail on my brother's part, but it makes for a great story. Now Jamie and I joke with the words "Me Marry You Will." Jamie shook her head yes and then started crying. Nate took the wheel and we made our way back to the dock to celebrate with our families.

1.1K Princess Cut Center Stone 18k White Gold Braided Band with Diamonds

November 20, 2021

Dows, IA