February 1, 2020

The Black Hills, South Dakota

Adam and I both attended and graduated from the University of South Dakota. During our time at USD, we were both heavily involved in Sorority and Fraternity Life, which is actually how we met! If you are familiar with Greek life, you know that throw a “formal” each semester – basically, just an excuse to dress up fancy and enjoy a nice meal.

Well, since we have graduated, we have continued this tradition each summer with our group of college friends, without the dressing up of course. For the first time this year, we all decided we should also implement a “Winter Formal.” So, “Winter Formal” was planned for the weekend of February 1, 2020. Everyone was so excited, and little did I know there was a special surprise in store for me!

First of all, I should mention that Adam and I started suffering from horrible colds the day we left for the trip. So, when the morning of Saturday, February 1 rolled around, I was absolutely exhausted and all I wanted was to sleep in. That morning everyone – sixteen of friends were in attendance – had woken up early to watch the sunrise together. They were so stealthy and quiet that morning, and I just assumed it was because they knew I wasn’t feeling well. At the time, I should have been more suspicious, but I was feeling so awful, it didn’t even phase me.

It gets to be a little later in the morning, and Adam came into the room and opened the blinds – how rude, right?! I asked him to close them, but he started saying all of these nice, cute things, so I just listened with my eyes closed. The next thing I knew he was kneeling beside the bed, so I cracked my one eye to see what was happening. Then, I noticed he was starting to tear up, so my eyes opened a little more. The next thing I heard was, “So, that’s why today, I am going to ask you to marry me!” My immediate response – so I’m told – was, “Really?!” with immediate ugly crying, not only because I was so in shock but also because I was ill and felt ugly! Needless to say, there were quite a few more happy tears shed. Adam and I felt so much love when we exited the room when we were greeted by the cheers of our friends!

It was such an intimate engagement – I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I cannot wait to marry my absolute best friend this winter!

Round solitaire diamond with a yellow gold band

December 12, 2020

Brookings, SD