Kathryn and Corey Proposal story

October 16, 2000

Omaha, NE - Pacific Springs Golf Course

We have been together for over 7 years (almost 8 at this point) so we got to the point that we were making plans for the future and an engagement was just around the corner. My fiance wanted me to have the ring of my dreams, and after going to multiple jewelers, we realized custom design was the route we would have to go. My fiance wanted me to be involved with the custom design process to get the exact ring I wanted, so I knew a ring was coming soon, but not the exact date it would be ready (nor when he would propose). The only thing I knew was he wanted to wait to officially propose until the ring came in. My birthday was 10/16 and he made it seem like my ring wouldn't be ready until after Halloween, and given how vocal he was about not proposing until he had the ring, I was under the impression he would not be proposing on my actual birthday--which I should have known better! My only birthday plans involved us going golfing and then picking up dinner, so due to it not being anything out-of-the-ordinary, I really didn't expect it. Since I was so involved with the custom ring process, I told him my only request for the proposal would be for me to be completely surprised. When we were golfing, we were paired with a single, so I REALLY didn't expect anything since I didn't think he would propose with a random person around us. Well, when we were on the 18th hole, the 3rd person had left us to find his ball, and after I hit, when I turned around, my fiance was on one knee! I definitely have not been in a state of "shock" like that in a long time--didn't help that he actually didn't have my real ring and instead had a costume ring he borrowed from my mom. It was a very sweet gesture, especially since golf was an activity we got to bond over during quarantine. And with proposing on my actual birthday, I will never forget that date either. Best birthday present!    

Custom Design-Gunderson's

September 3, 2021

A View on State, Omaha, NE