April 19, 2019

Ogallala, NE

I had just finished working a long string of night shifts at my job as a nurse in Omaha. Dutch and I had plans to go back to my family’s home for Easter. That morning, we loaded up the car and headed out west. I slept the entire way and he was making last minute preparations on his phone right beside me on the way. When we arrived, instead of going inside to sit and say hi to everyone, my mom was insistent that we do the easter egg hung right now before it gets to dark. I was racing around trying to gather as many eggs as I could when Dutch started calling my name telling me to come out to the tree line (far away from the house) because he had found the golden egg. I told him there weren’t any eggs out there, they were all close to the house, but he kept waving me over. As soon as I came around the corner, all the eggs I had found fell to the ground. There he stood next to a sign that said “Marry Me” holding a golden egg. He got down on one knee and said the magic words and I screamed yes. When I turned around, my whole family was standing there (I had no idea they were there), and I cried EVEN MORE. It was the best surprise and so surprising that he pulled it off because I’m so nosy and usually catch these things! It was perfect.

round cut with halo, white gold halo, rose gold band

June 27th, 2020

Arbor Day Lied Lodge, Nebraska City, NE