December 3, 2019

Lake Mitchell, SD

I work for the Chamber of Commerce in Mitchell, SD and it was the night of our parade of lights. Jared helped me and my coworkers get the car prepared with all our lights and he also helped us tear it down. The parade got done around 8 p.m. and we hadn’t eaten supper yet. We decided to go to the Lake House on the north end of town. Instead of turning into the restaurant, he turned into an approach off the lake. I asked him what he was doing but he didn’t really answer me. He turned out and headed down another street. I was preoccupied on my phone, as I had news outlets and my co-workers calling/texting me about the parade. He finally turned off into a parking lot that was covered in snow that’s just off the lake. I asked again what we were doing, he said. “just wait, don’t get out.” He came over to my side of the pickup, opened my door and pulled my stocking hat over my eyes. He grabbed my hands and led me out a ways, then he said, “okay, hold on.” Then finally, “okay, now you can look.” He had went behind me, so when I pulled my hat up and turned around, there he was on one knee holding the ring box open and asked, “Will you marry me?” I burst into tears and yelled, “YES!” He caught me completely, 100% by surprise. It was the best surprise I could’ve asked for!

Radiant cut diamond just under a carat with a single band of diamonds

July 25, 2020

High Country Ranch, Hill City, SD