Michaela and Marcus proposal story

December 20, 2020

Cresco, Iowa “Michaela’s Parents House”

Michaela and I were heading back to Cresco, IA for Christmas with her family at her parents’ house. Prior to our 3-hour drive to Cresco, I told Michaela I had to drive to Rock Rapids to turn in paper work to an Engineer for work. Little did she know, I went to Gunderson’s in Sioux City to pick up her ring. Since we became serious, Michaela started this little game of refusing to do simple tasks for me because she didn’t have a ring on her finger, so I had always followed up her refusals with “fake” proposals in order to get back at her. I had done two fake proposals prior to this night. She was about to get the third. I knelt down on one knee in front of the Christmas tree and gave her the wrapped gift (the spare truck key). As she began to open it, I could tell she was excited, only to be let down after seeing the spare key. She then didn’t look at me for what seemed like an eternity (30 seconds). I was on one knee holding out the real ring to follow up my stunt. When she finally looked at me with the ring, she did not believe it and continued to say are your serious, are your serious, are you serious, followed by a YES!

14K White Gold Flowing Pavé Diamond Split Shank Ring

October 2, 2021

Wall Lake, IA