Michelle and Reed engagement photo

July 24, 2020

Bois de Sioux Golf Course

The Most Amazing Question

On Friday, July 24th, my best friend said yes.

Michelle and I love the game of golf, but we aren’t very good. Our shared interest in the game of golf is what sparked my idea of how to propose. My original thought was to pop the question after an unbelievable shot... a hole-in-one. However, there were a lot of things that stood in the way. How would I actually get the ball into the hole? How could I make the hole-in-one believable? Then the plan hit me. I knew I would need a little help.

The first thing to figure out was how to tee off without Michelle watching. If she didn’t see me hit the ball, then I could tell her that I hit it towards the hole. The plan was to hit one ball about 50 yards past the hole, where it would be lost in the trees unable to be found. The second ball, with “will you marry me” written on it, would be waiting for us in the cup. This way we wouldn’t be able to find the first ball, therefore I could convince her that we should check for the ball in the cup. To ensure that my soon-to-be fiancé wouldn’t see me hit the first ball, I had one of my sisters, Allie, FaceTime Michelle during my hit.

The next step was figuring out how to get the second ball in the hole without Michelle seeing. This was where Taylor, my oldest sister, joined in. Her role was to place the ball in the hole before we arrived and then hide in the bushes alongside the cup to take pictures of the proposal.

Finally, Michelle and I got to the course to start our round. As we got closer to the hole of the proposal, I began to get really nervous. I was trying to stay calm and stick to the plan.

As we finished the hole right before the proposal hole, I texted my sisters Allie and Taylor saying we were just about to tee off. Michelle and I drove up to hole 17 and I heard Michelle’s phone getting a FaceTime call. Perfect. I grabbed my 6 iron and walked up to the tee box. I kept thinking to myself, “all you need to do is hit the ball.” I lined up my shot and felt my arms and legs shaking. I took a deep breath, swung as hard as I could, and smiled as I watched the ball fly straight over the trees behind the green. Perfect. As I walked back to the cart, Michelle was still on the phone and hadn’t paid attention to my hit. We drove up to the green and I grabbed the ring out of my golf bag. I quickly stuffed it into my back pocket and walked alongside Michelle up to the green.

When we got up to the green, I acted confused. “I thought I hit the ball on the green, maybe the ball rolled over the back side?” I said. This led us to searching for a ball that wasn’t anywhere close to us. After a few moments of looking, I jokingly said, “maybe you should just check the cup” which is something we joke about a lot when golfing. I stared anxiously as Michelle made her way to the hole and suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks. She paused for a moment in shock, her jaw dropped, as she looked from the hole to me and back to the hole. She yelled “REED! YOU HIT A HOLE-IN-ONE!” I quickly replied with “there’s no way that’s mine” in hopes that she’d pull the ball out of the cup and read the engraved message. She pulled the ball out and left it on the green without seeing the message as she tried to come celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime shot. I again asked her to check the ball to make sure it was mine. As she turned around to pick up the ball, she noticed the engraved lettering. She read the message, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” As she turned around realizing what was happening, she saw me on one knee holding a small box.

As I was getting down on one knee, I did my best to stay calm and say the lines I had rehearsed in my head a hundred times before. Up to that point, everything had gone exactly as planned. The one thing I didn’t predict was how emotional Michelle would get when she realized what was happening. Michelle burst into tears of joy as I struggled to remember the things I wanted to say. To be honest, I don’t remember much of what I actually said, but it ended with the most amazing question, “will you marry me?”

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