Shelby and David Proposal Story

September 5th, 2020

Painted Canyon Overlook Trail @ Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Eric and I had made a trip out to Bowman, North Dakota, for our annual Labor Day trip to visit his parents. All four of us drove up to Medora for the musical, and we spent the entire day walking around town, having a picnic, and hiking in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Eric’s mom had mentioned that morning on our way up that there were three trails that she wanted to venture on. We were so excited to hike and spend time together! Throughout all of our hikes, his mom would stop to take pictures of us. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, his mom enjoys capturing every moment she can with all of us kids. I had a feeling Eric was going to pop the question on this trip, but I kept thinking to myself, “He’s acting too calm about this, there’s no way!” Finally, on our last hike before we needed to go to the musical, there was this gorgeous overlook that showed the beautiful sunset painted just above the buttes and trees. I took a picture of the landscape on my phone, and I turned to look at Eric as he was grabbing my hand and getting down on one knee. After asking a few times if this was really happening, I said yes! It was such a perfect moment that his mom caught on camera.

Beautiful oval cut diamond in a white gold, halo setting

May 28th, 2022

Fargo, North Dakota