January 25, 2020

Ice Castles, Colorado

I had been wanting to go to the Ice Castle for quite some time when my sister, Brittney, had asked us to go with her and her husband when they re-opened in January. On the drive up, traffic was terrible & Kiefer was his usual self, complaining about driving nearly 2 hours to see “frozen water.” I noticed the tickets were on his phone, which seemed odd since I thought my sister had purchased them but just brushed it off when he said she sent them to him instead of me. We met my sister and brother-in-law for lunch in Silverthorne where Brittney had a glass of wine waiting for me. Kiefer proceeded with his usual antics and commented on the fact I was having a glass of wine at 11:30 AM. Meanwhile, he wouldn’t even order a beer at the Dam Brewery! After lunch, we headed to the Ice Castles. They opened at 12 PM and our tickets were for the opening time slot to avoid major crowds. Once we got in, Brittney and I spotted the ice slide and insisted on going down. They of course ran out of sleds when we got to the front of line, making the wait much longer than anticipated. Kiefer became a bit agitated as the place began to get more & more crowded and his goal was to have the least amount of people around as possible (sorry!). After going down the slide, Kiefer led the way around the Ice Castles and kept re-directing us. I was super confused as he normally couldn’t care less about a good “picture spot.” Turns out he was looking for a secluded area to “pop the question.” When I continued to aimlessly walk around, my sister finally said “Shelby! Turn around!” That’s when Kiefer got down on one-knee and said some really nice things (I blacked out unintentionally once I realized what was happening) and asked me to marry him. I of course said “yes!” and was in complete shock. Needless to say, when he put the (amazing) ring on my finger, my hands were a bit swollen and red due to not wearing gloves down the ice slide. After we took lots of pics & made a phone call to the parents, we got back in the car to head home and celebrate. The first thing that ran through my mind was “I should have cleaned the house! I am sure someone is there waiting.” But the surprise was not over…We proceeded to drive up the mountain to Vail where Kiefer had arranged for my best friend & her husband and my cousin & her husband to be there waiting for us to continue the celebration! January 25, 2020 was the best day to date! Can’t wait to marry my other half on 8-28-2021!

2 carat elongated cushion with white gold prongs, yellow gold & diamond “secret” halo & band

August 28, 2021

Vail, CO