Stephanie & Gabriel proposal story

May, 2021

Mitchell, SD

Gabe and I had been together for 2 years, last Christmas I saw him and his mother sitting on the couch all suspicious, not really thinking anything of it. A few weeks later I came across pictures of the rings they were looking at on his phone and decided to do a little looking of my own. I fell in love with this one ring (it was rose gold, marquise cut, reminded me of a princess ring). I screenshotted it and saved it on Gabe's phone (hint hint). When looking around the Sioux Falls area I found nothing even close to the ring I wanted until I came to Gunderson's. David helped create the ring of my dreams and all I did was leave his business cards laying around and Gabe got the hint.

I graduated nursing school on May 15th, 2021. The next weekend I went to a friend's high school graduation and came back to my family farm as Gabe was coming to help my dad out with some things. My family decided we were going to go out for supper and mom decided to start mowing the lawn and putting lights up and starting our waterfall in the backyard. I thought she was acting strange, but I just went along with it to help her get the backyard ready for summer.

My mom, dad, Gabe, and myself went out for supper that night and came home and dad had the idea of having a bonfire in the backyard (we never have bonfires, like ever), but I thought it was the greatest idea because I was down for some drinks and roasted marshmallows. I went downstairs and took my nice clothes off and changed into pajamas (I wanted to be comfortable). As we sat around the bonfire enjoying the beautiful night. Gabe's dad eventually called to ask if he had proposed yet and he goes, "Nope Nope, so I heard you went fishing today" I, again, was clueless. Gabe eventually stood up and asked me to follow him in front of the trellis which was all decorated with lights and in front of my parents he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. When he opened that ring box I saw the princess ring of my dreams mixed with the man I love and my family there to see it all. I said yes right away. I don't think I stopped staring at now MY ring until the next morning. It's beyond beautiful.

Later to find out that Gabe had literally picked up the ring from Gunderson's that day and proposed that night. I also learned that he had called my parents a couple months before to ask if he could have their blessing and if he could propose at the farm, because he knew that place is so special to me (He was so right). It was an amazing night even if I got proposed to in my pajamas. It didn't matter. I was where I loved with who I loved and that is what is so special.

Unique Marquise cut with embellishments

October 24, 2022

Mitchell, SD