April, 8, 2020

At home, Lawton, IA

In the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown, it was going to be difficult to propose somewhere out in the public. On top of that, we had picked out the ring together and she knew when it was scheduled to arrive. With some help from Deb at the Sioux City location, I was able to keep the arrival of the ring a secret. She told us on one visit that the ring would be delayed due to the virus. I emailed her later and she agreed to notify only me when it did arrive which turned out to be on time. Dressed in some of my grubbiest work clothes, I told Susann I needed to pick up some stuff at Lowes, and during that trip to town, I stopped by Gunderson’s to pick up the ring. It was beautiful.

Once back home at the acreage, I unloaded my stuff and snuck the ring into the house, undetected. Around suppertime, I finished outside and Susann was in the kitchen preparing supper. I told her I was going to shower, and then I would help her finish supper. When I came out, I was wearing my tuxedo. Surprised, Susann asked why. I told her that I was just checking to see if it still fit. I asked her to come take a picture of the two of us in front of the fireplace. She agreed but said she wanted to dress up too. My plan was coming together.

As she came down the stairs, she was stunning. She was wearing an evening gown she had had for years and it looked great. We took several “selfies” with the help of the camera timer feature. When we agreed we had a few good pictures, I snuck the ring out of my pocket, knelt down on one knee and asked her to be my bride. She was caught completely unaware; having been convinced her ring wouldn’t arrive for weeks. We had a toast to celebrate our future together and had a wonderful supper. I am a lucky man.

Ladies 18 karat white gold three diamond ring, A. Jaffe design. Centered is one round brilliant cut diamond weighing 2.46 carat. Set on sides are one round brilliant cut diamond weighing 0.51 carat and one weighing 0.54 carat.


Las Vegas, Elvis Chapel