Elegance in Timekeeping: Carl F. Bucherer

Gunderson’s is synonymous with fine Swiss watchmaking, and the pieces from Carl F. Bucherer are truly some of the finest ever constructed. With a watchmaking heritage that spans generations, experience the world of handcrafted luxury like never before: with a glance at the mastery of Bucherer. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, or would like to learn more, check out our top reasons Gunderson’s loves timepieces from Carl F Bucherer:

Attention to Detail
All throughout the different model families of CFB, one unifying thread stands out: just how exacting the fit and finish of their timepieces are. The polishing and tolerances of their watches are normally reserved for pieces costing several thousands of dollars more. This is reflective of the focus of Bucherer brand: to develop not only aesthetically beautiful watches, but to also to make them in a way that wears easy. To really appreciate the attention to detail, we invite you to stop in and try one on.

Innovative Technology
Wristwatches with automatic movements, or those that are powered by the movement of your wrist, have shared the same general movement layout. CFB, wanting to push the envelope, developed an automatic movement with an oscillating weight that only exists on the periphery of the movement, giving enthusiasts and collectors alike an unobstructed view of their expertly handcrafted movement. In addition, CFB’s peripheral technology allows for the automatic movement to fit into slimmer cases, allowing for dress watches to lose the bulk normally associated with automatic watches.

The CFB Mastery Lab
Carl F Bucherer takes the ownership experience to the next level with their unique, industry-leading Mastery Lab. Here, clients can select every aspect of their timepiece, creating a truly one-of-a-kind masterwork they are able to cherish forever. A dedicated team of Bucherer watchmakers construct each Mastery Lab timepiece to the owners’ exacting specifications. Potential owners can design their CFB Mastery Lab timepiece from a seemingly endless array of choices, such as: case size and material, dial color, hand and marker style, and more. Consider the Master Lab as a custom shop for luxury timekeeping. Gunderson’s have walked numerous clients through the Mastery Lab process and would love to share that experience with others. If you’re interested in commissioning your own custom CFB Mastery Lab timepiece, contact us for details.

Commitment to Heritage
Carl F Bucherer has been building watches and studying the science of horology since their inception in 1888. Located in Lucerne, Switzerland, the manufacture was founded by a gentleman named Carl Bucherer and is still owned by his descendants. A true family business, CFB shares the same ideals as does the Gunderson family of stores. We are both committed to finding you the timepiece of your dreams. If that includes something made by one of the few remaining independent watchmakers of Switzerland, Gunderson’s would love the opportunity to discuss that process with you. For more information, contact us.