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Star Wars - Stormtrooper

Star Wars - Stormtrooper

The Star Wars galaxy meets sparkling Swarovski crystal.  The iconic Stormtrooper, part of the ground force of the Galactic Empire, is executed in clear crystal with 700 facets.  The design...
Star Wars - BB-8

Star Wars - BB-8

Bring the excitement of Star Wars into your home with this exquisite depiction of BB-8. Instantly recognisable from his turn in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, everyone’s new favourite...
Star Wars - Tie Fighter Ornament - Gunderson's Jewelers

Star Wars - Tie Fighter Ornament

Our growing collection of iconic Star Wars vehicles now includes the TIE Fighter, the unforgettable symbol of the Imperial fleet. Crafted from gray and clear crystal, it sparkles from all...
Star Wars - Chewbacca - Gunderson's Jewelers

Star Wars - Chewbacca

Swarovski crystal and the Star Wars universe come together in this sparkling interpretation of Chewbacca, Wookiee warrior. Expertly crafted with 498 facets, Han Solo’s longtime co-pilot shines in brown crystal...
Star Wars - AT-AT Walker - Gunderson's Jewelers

Star Wars - AT-AT Walker

Swarovski craftsmanship meets the Star Wars universe in this sparkling interpretation of an AT-AT Walker. One of the Galactic Empire's principal fighting vehicles, the four-legged AT-AT symbolizes the Empire's military...
Star Wars - Ewok Wicket - Gunderson's Jewelers

Star Wars - Ewok Wicket

Part of our Star Wars collection, this sparkling design depicts Wicket, the young inquisitive Ewok scout from the forest moon of Endor. It features a total of 349 facets, which...
Star Wars - Han Solo - Gunderson's Jewelers

Star Wars - Han Solo

Blending Swarovski craftsmanship with the Star Wars universe, the heroic smuggler Han Solo sparkles in brown, blue, gray and clear crystal, with red stripes printed on his pants. This unique...
Star Wars - Luke Skywalker - Gunderson's Jewelers

Star Wars - Luke Skywalker

This detailed Swarovski figurine is a gleaming interpretation of a famous hero from the Star Wars universe. It portrays Luke Skywalker in 411 expertly worked facets of sparkling crystal, from...
Star Wars - Master Yoda - Gunderson's Jewelers

Star Wars - Master Yoda

The Star Wars galaxy meets sparkling Swarovski crystal. Continuing our Star Wars collection, this Master Yoda design is a must for collectors. One of the oldest characters in the saga,...
Star Wars - Darth Vader - Gunderson's Jewelers

Star Wars - Darth Vader

The Star Wars galaxy meets sparkling Swarovski crystal. Darth Vader, one of the most iconic villains in popular culture, is expertly crafted in black crystal with 551 facets. His outfit...
Star Wars - Mandalorian, The Child - Gunderson's Jewelers

Star Wars - Mandalorian, The Child

This Star Wars character by Swarovski has enchanted Star Wars fans around the world. Originating from the Star Wars Disney+ original television series 'The Mandalorian', The Child accompanies the eponymous...