Introducing Kwiat

Gunderson’s is excited to announce our recent partnership with Kwiat! The diamond jewelry designer and manufacturer, founded in New York City in 1907, continues to embody the royal spirit of classic diamond jewelry made the traditional way: by hand. If you’re looking for the best, see how Gunderson’s and Kwiat will deliver just that.

There are many jewelry manufacturers who claim royalty, but only Kwiat has the Tiara Cut diamond. The Tiara Cut is a proprietary diamond design that has been perfected by generations of Kwiat diamond cutters. Similar to the modern brilliant cut, the Tiara features a specific facet arrangement that makes the diamond appear much brighter and whiter than traditionally cut diamonds. Truly, the Tiara Cut is fit for a queen! Kwiat also prides itself on three other proprietary diamond designs: the ASHOKA (an elongated diamond with 62 facets), the Kwiat cushion (cut for supreme sparkle with-out needing extra facets), and the Fred Leighton Round (a modern interpretation of the Old-European cut). Fred Leighton, a partner brand owned by Kwiat, is known for collecting and loaning out vintage Edwardian and Art Deco jewelry to celebrities. His first client was Nicole Kidman!

Kwiat still makes jewelry very similarly to the way their namesake and founder, Sam Kwiat, did in 1907 when he set up shop in NYC. Each of their pieces is expertly fin-ished by a master craftsperson who polishes every surface to an intoxicating luster. Not only is this strikingly beautiful, but it also feels luxurious to the touch. It’s a differ-ence that needs to be tried on to be appreciated. Gunderson’s has always brought its clients the very best, and we’re honored to con-tinue that tradition with Kwiat. Shop the collection online or stop in to one of our stores to see their beautiful pieces in person!

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