Monica Rich Kosann

Monica Rich Kosann started her career as an award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in Town and Country and the New York Times. After chasing down vintage card cases and lockets to display her work in, she decided to start designing a modern alternative. Her eponymous brand was formed around the idea that heirloom quality lockets shouldn’t be hard to find.

A piece of jewelry from Monica Rich Kosann is the perfect gift to keep your memories close to your heart. Instead of letting your precious memories languish in the cloud—keep them in a piece of jewelry made to withstand the test of time. Gunderson’s makes it easy: simply pick out her favorite locket, send us a picture of your most precious memories and we’ll take care of installing them. Don’t spend hours searching for the perfect personalized gift when Gunderson’s and Monica Rich Kosann make it so easy.

On top of the lockets, Monica Rich Kosann offers a full complement of pendants, medallions, and charms that are all focused on self-empowerment. Monica says it best: “Jewelry should not just be beautiful; it should also empower and inspire you”. All her pieces are cast in the finest precious metals, such as sterling silver and 18kt yellow gold. You’ll also find alternative metals like oxidized sterling, ceramic, and black steel. These pieces will take you from edgy to elegant without a second thought.

“Jewelry should not just be beautiful; it should also empower and inspire you”

 - Monica Rich Kosann