Announcing Our NEW Omega Boutique in Wayzata!

Gunderson’s Wayzata was just updated with a custom-built Omega boutique, complete with bespoke seating and purse stands. The new boutique also features in-wall product storage, which allows for more watches to be held in a smaller footprint. Clients will be able to enjoy the process of buying an Omega timepiece at Gunderson’s in a new, relaxing, and luxurious environment.

Omega is one of a select few watchmakers who can safely call themselves otherworldly. Not only have their timepieces performed flawlessly on the surface of the Moon, but they’ve also been to the deepest recesses of the ocean too. Always pushing the possibilities of human ability, Omega has also been the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games for almost a century. Not only is this proof of their adventurous spirit, but also of the accuracy of their watches in the most demanding of situations.

The benefits of buying an Omega timepiece at Gunderson’s doesn’t stop after the purchasing process. As a member of the Gunderson’s family, our clients take advantage of a wide range of benefits including on-site watchmaking and jewelry repair, full appraisal services, and more. Plus, you’ll be let in on insider-only deals and offers as well as exclusive product launches. Check out our current Omega products on our website— or stop into our Wayzata location to see the new boutique in person.