Introducing Oris Watches at Gunderson's

Introducing Oris Watches at Gunderson’s

Gunderson’s is proud to introduce our newest partner, Oris Watches! Their dedication to mechanical timepieces is evident in the quality of every piece they make. Whether your style is vintage or cutting edge, Oris offers something for you.

Oris: A Horological Love Story

Mechanical watches are often regarded as an antiquated charm. We have clocks on every appliance, one in the car, and a smartphone that can display accurate time down to the second. Some would say the need for a mechanical wristwatch is dead. On the other hand, we live during a time (see what I did there?) where we are hyper-connected to our digital devices. After an innocuous check of the time on your smartphone, you’re liable to be distracted by a pile of notifications waiting to tempt you. A two-second time check is apt to turn into a thirty-minute scroll session.

Oris, a watch manufacturer from Hölstein, Switzerland, believes the need for a mechanical watch is still very much alive. Since their establishment in 1904, they have navigated the gap between being true to their watchmaking heritage and the demands of a modern world. We would suppose that if someone asked Oris ‘is the wristwatch is still relevant?’, their retort would be clear: ‘of course it is’.

Perhaps nowhere is the vintage charm of Oris more apparent than in one of their most well-known watches: the Divers Sixty-Five.

Oris Crown watch
Oris Divers Sixty-Five

The Daily Diver: Divers Sixty-Five

The recent trend of dive watches adopting large, bulky cases has attracted both admiration and complaint— and Oris took notice. They introduced their best-selling line, Divers Sixty-Five, as a sweet-spot diver for those wanting a bit more of a classic look with the benefits of a reliable and modern movement. With case sizes ranging from 38-42mm each Divers Sixty-Five features a rotating countdown bezel, luminous hands and markers, and a screw-down crown. Add in 100m of water pressure resistance, and you’ve got the trappings of a perfect dive watch.

To add to the throwback vibe, Oris chose to include some Divers’ models with bronze bezels, cases, and steel/bronze two-tone bracelets. When exposed to oxygen, bronze slowly takes on a patina that ranges from light brown to intense green. Oris intended this watch to be used— and to tell a story of its own.

Take More Time

Oris still believes in the idea of a mechanical watch— one completely void of batteries or semiconductors. So much so that’s all they make; the brand hasn’t put a quartz (or battery powered) movement in a watch for years. Instead, each of their watches is powered by a mechanical movement: some hand wound, others automatic.

The simple magic of a mechanical watch may seem foreign to those in a device dependent world. But if you’re looking to truly unplug, leave the smart watch off your wrist. Check out Oris at Gunderson’s to experience quintessential Swiss watchmaking: clean, classic, and always in style.

* Only available in select stores