Gunderson’s is proud to introduce Picchiotti, our newest featured designer!

Made entirely in Italy, Picchiotti is a family-owned business that is still owned and operated by its founder, Giuseppe Picchiotti. We’re in love with his easy wearing designs and want to share his story with you.

The Picchiotti family business used to be medicine. In fact, there had been a tradition of Picchiotti family members entering the medical profession for many generations. All this changed when Giuseppe Picchiotti, then a very young man, decided his love for jewelry was stronger than the desire to uphold a family tradition. Against the wishes of his family, he became a jeweler’s apprentice at age 13.

Young Giuseppe was probably inspired by the heritage of world-class goldsmiths hailing from his native Italy. In fact, Italian goldsmiths had pioneered many of the innovative techniques used to create jewelry dating back to the Roman Empire. After several years of apprenticeship, he set out to realize his dream of creating the finest jewelry to ever be made. Picchiotti was born, nestled in the town of Valenza.

Giuseppe chose Valenza, a village nestled in the Italian mountains, as the location to build his company. Its quaint nature allowed him to raise a family— all of which are involved in the business today. It wasn’t only the small-town feel that helped sway his choice. Valenza already had a thriving heritage of skilled jewelers, making his goal of creating the finest jewelry a potential reality.

In the following years, Picchiotti has grown from a local atelier to an international sensation. Today, Picchiotti continues to uphold the desire he set out with: to create the finest jewelry the world has ever seen. Only select merchants across the globe have access to his stunning pieces of wearable art, and Gunderson’s is proud to be included in that small group. Stop in today to view this incredible collection in-person and experience their stunning quality. 

*available in select stores