For a stocking stuffer that’s uniquely exciting, check out Gunderson’s collection of jewelry from Shy Creation.

Set aside the lottery tickets and candy bars this year and make room for something special: a stocking full of jewelry from Gunderson’s and Shy Creation!

Shy Creation makes jewelry that flawlessly blends in with your own personal style and wardrobe. Each of their collections play off each other, creating an endless array of combinations that ensure you won’t just wear their pieces for special occasions, instead your piece of Shy will become part of your everyday look. And with so many options to choose from, finding your unique style will be easy.

At Gunderson’s, we believe that jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed—not just admired from afar. That reasoning is why we’re big fans of Shy Creation, which makes fashion forward jewelry tailored toward the modern woman. Luxury is meant to be enjoyed, and Shy Creation is a great way to enjoy it. Dramatic enough to wear on its own, Shy also plays very well with other pieces she may already have in her jewelry box.

From earrings to pendants, necklaces, and bracelets, Shy injects their whimsical charm into every piece they make. At Gunderson’s, we’re committed to ensuring your happiness not just with one holiday purchase, but for every occasion in your life. Shop Shy Creation at Gunderson’s for a collection of small gifts that carry big meaning. Layer on the love this holiday—let Gunderson’s be your guide.