Tick-Talk: Gunderson’s and Watches

Gunderson’s has long been a part of the time-honored tradition of watchmaking. Comprised of hundreds of tiny, interconnected parts that work together to display accurate time, watches require a specialized set of skills to keep them running. First amongst them is a steady pair of hands! Gunderson’s is proud to have employed several steady-handed watchmakers throughout our history, starting with our founder, George.

When George Gunderson opened his watch repair shop in 1945, his main objective was customer service. His ethos was to take care of the customer and in turn they will take care of you. He was one of only a few licensed watchmakers in Iowa, and Sioux City was the perfect place to ply his trade. The booming post-war economy brought millions of dollars of goods passing through the emerging transit hub by river and rail. Effective logistics required accurate timekeeping, and Gunderson’s was a popular place to have your watch inspected and regulated. George developed a reputation for efficient, honest, and quality service by treating each client who passed through his shop like family.

Soon, what once was a small repair shop turned into a full retail store complete with jewelry, timepieces, and a whole team of watchmakers. As the Siouxland area began to develop and grow, Gunderson’s name became synonymous with fine watchmaking for miles around. As his sons entered the business, Gunderson’s began to specialize in fine diamond and gemstone jewelry. But even when the company grew to heights never conceived of by its founder, watches and watchmaking remained at the core of the business.

Today, Gunderson’s is now the largest jewelry and watch retailer in the Midwest. Each of our five locations carry fine mechanical watches from brands respected the world over. We’re dedicated to finding you a timepiece that will be a stable, reliable, and fashionable companion for many years. And when it comes time to have that watch serviced, rest assured that we still employ a team of steady-handed watchmakers who are dedicated to keeping that investment ticking on-time for decades to come.

For more information on our watchmaking services or to view our collection of timepieces stop into one of our locations. Remember, not everything available is displayed online. Contact us for details!

*available in select stores