Top Trends for Spring 2022

Need a gift idea for your Valentine? Our style-experts got together and put together this Top 5 of our favorite trends so far in 2022. Not only have we chosen the most popular trends for Spring 2022, but we’ve also curated a selection of pieces from select manufactures, making sure you get the best quality for your dollar. We want your jewelry to last a lifetime—just like you do!

chandelier-style drop earrings

Killer Earrings

Big is back in a big way. Hair styles are trending to embrace flowing, healthy looks over the hard-to-perfect processed styles seen for a while. Think of a place between Adele at ‘30’ and Farrah Fawcett circa 1977. All this volume up top needs something to balance it out: killer earrings. We’re already in love with the resurgence of chandelier-style drops—especially with some bold color mixed in.

Stacked Bracelets

Stacked Bracelets

The stacking trend continues, but we’re suggesting not just letting rings and necklaces get all the fun. Everyone loves layering gold necklaces, why not continue the party to the wrist? Don’t worry about coordination—mix metal colors, link types, and sizes for a perfectly imperfect fit.

Toi et moi ring

Toi-et-moi Ring

The French tradition of the toi-et-moi ring (meaning for you and me) is still a hot trend in early 2022. Just ask MGK and Megan Fox! Our favorite way to rock the dual-diamond look is to mix and match diamond shapes and sizes. Have some fun with it! To really make the look pop, find a style that incorporates color. Hint: this is a great idea for a right-hand ring, too!

Educare University

Statement Piece

2022 is already looking like the year to take your self-expression to the next level. Medallions, especially those with empowering messages behind them, are starting to gain some major traction. Our favorites so far are from our newest designer, Monica Rich Kosann. Also, check out a statement ring, like a signet or a big, funky cut gemstone.

Custom pieces


We’re seeing a trend in diamond engagement rings that has us very intrigued. Clients are embracing some of the older, fancy cut diamonds like the marquis, cushion, and emerald cut. And instead of mounting them in a traditional setting, some are wearing them set lengthwise. Interested in something out-of-the box? Our custom designers are ready to help!