Kellie & Austin proposal story

December 23, 2021

Austin's parents' house

December 23, 2021 was the start of Austin and I's first Christmas holiday season together, navigating through 5 family Christmas gatherings in 3 days, each two-hours apart. We were prepped and ready to make the most of them all, and the 500+ miles back and forth from his family to mine. He picked me up to start the weekend, unbeknownst to me that there was a beautiful diamond in the trunk. We got to his mom's house, poured some wine, and sat down to start opening gifts and watch the nieces enjoy their presents. There was an envelope in my stack of presents; felt like a gift card--didn't think much of it. Austin told me to save that one for last. We weren't going to give each other gifts since we were going to be so busy during the holidays. It initially made me question it but again, felt like a gift card not a diamond. Finally got to the "last gift", opened the envelope to find an Olive Garden gift card and nothing else. When I turned to see who it was from, Austin was on his knee asking if I would go have breadsticks as his fiance....and then a "will you marry me?" Spent the rest of the weekend getting to announce our engagement to both sides in person. Couldn't have planned it better--a cheesy ask but meaningful timeline around family.

6-prong, 1 ct. round solitaire, knife edge white-gold band

August 27, 2022

The Beaumont, Wayne, NE