Gunderson’s is overjoyed to bring you Messika, a great French jewelry designer that has been earning glowing accolades from our clients as well as a growing list of celebrities. Get to know her in the blog below!

Paris has long been an epicenter of design and culture. The short list of Parisian designers of the 20th Century includes luminaries such as: Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Christian Louboutin. Paris is to fashion as Detroit is to the automobile. So when the designer Valérie Messika decided to open her own jewelry atelier, the French capital was the only choice of location.

She had some help easing into the business. Her father, Andre Messika, has worked in the diamond industry for years, specifically in the diamond district of Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel. It was he who influenced Messika’s keen eye toward quality and attention to detail that are found in all her pieces.

The brand Messika was established in 2005 with a singular vision: to create a jewelry line that celebrated the timelessness of diamonds in a way that made sense to wear every day. The influence of her father is evident throughout her collections: keen attention to detail, particularly the balance of light and sparkle, can be traced back to her time spent studying the art of perfectly cut diamonds.

Another major influence in her work is the energy she finds from living in Paris. The same charm and excitement that so many visionaries found in the City of Light is evident in her creations. In many of her pieces, diamonds are held in bezels of gold that are free to move naturally along a track. This fluidity of movement is reminiscent of any bustling city: alive with movement and sparkle.

Keeping with her metropolitan flair, Messina injects stunningly bold lines and shapes into very wearable pieces. The best jewelry must be easy to wear, and Messika is meant to move with you— no matter where your day may take you.

Gunderson’s is excited to bring its clients a refreshing new line such as Messika! We know you’ll love the sleek, tailored lines that grace every piece that bears her name. Stop in and try on a piece or two! Or if you prefer to shop from the couch, check out the collection online.