Cutting Onto the Scene: William Henry Enters the Watch Game

Gunderson’s is proud to announce that William Henry, our favorite luxury accessory maker, has decided to enter the watch market! With over 15 years of planning and development, the engineers at WH have found a way to combine Swiss timekeeping with their innovative use of both ancient and modern materials. Our clients have fallen in love with their knives and accessories and we’re certain you’ll love their timepieces!

Like all William Henry products, the materials used for their timepieces are mixed between ancient and space age. One reference, perhaps a favorite at Gunderson’s, even boasts a meteorite dial. The interstellar rock, made of an iron-nickel alloy, is precisely cut to fit the exacting measurements of the watch case. And because of the fragility and scarcity of the material— patience is the paramount virtue. You can’t easily replicate rock that was formed around 4.5 million years ago! Only a few craftspeople around the world are qualified to perform this kind of work, and many of them work for William Henry. But even then, the entire workshop only estimates to produce around 150 pieces per month. And with each material combination only being offered in editions of 250, these pieces qualify as one-of-a-kind.

When deciding what materials to use together, the designers at William Henry were cognizant of how the materials worked together visually, and then again at a deeper level. For example, one model, the Legacy Dinosaur, features a dial of fossilized Apatosaurus bone estimated to be at least 100 million years old. Found in the same initial release, the Legacy Superconductor features a dial made from a cross section of superconductor wire. Each material requires its own set of tools and exacting craftsmanship to perfect, and these watches prove that William Henry is the best at it. And while the dials often steal the show, the watch cases are equally as impressive. Cast in hand forged alloys such as Moko-Ti, aerospace-grade titanium, and Damascus steel, these watches embody the William Henry ethos.

William Henry isn’t just making these watches to be pretty, however. Models found in the initial launch are powered by the seminal Sellita SW400 automatic movement, also commonly found in watches from many prestigious Swiss brands. By using an off-the-shelf Swiss movement, WH can keep the focus on the exotic materials (and expert craftsmanship) of the case, dial, and strap. The SW400 is no slouch though, making the value proposition of these watches very interesting. It features automatic winding, 38 hours of power reserve, and will be backed by William Henry’s warranty. Gunderson’s expects these watches to be popular with both existing fans of William Henry and watch connoisseurs looking for something truly unique.

As with all limited release merchandise, Gunderson’s anticipates intense demand for each William Henry timepiece. And while exact dealer allocation is uncertain, William Henry is assuring that the anticipated June 2023 release date is still valid. More information will be available on Gunderson’s website and social media as we get closer to release date. Be sure to check back for details!