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Kylie & David Proposal Story

August 6, 2022

on Numa Ridge @ Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park, MT

Glacier National Park was a bucket list item for each of us, so prior to having to spend a year apart for David's work he decided to take me on a surprise trip to Montana! Once arriving at the Park, we camped at Bowman Lake where did things like sitting on the beach skipping rocks together at 7am, having lots of laughs around the fire with friends we met at the campsite, and the biggest, best part of the trip: hiked up Numa Ridge! I've never gone hiking before, so I asked to go on the easiest trail they had, and David assured me that Numa Ridge was doable for a rookie because we're both "active and in shape" insert first eye roll. Turns out the hike up Numa Ridge was 12 miles round trip, and was almost entirely straight up and straight down insert a second, even bigger eye roll. Half way up I was cursing like a sailor, but he assured me the trip to the top would be "absolutely worth it". Immediately I felt motivated and am hoping my guess as to why it would be worth is true (hint: it was(: )). Once we got to the top we fed chipmunks, soaked up our surroundings, and ate lots of snacks. Before heading back down, David set up his camera to "take some pictures" (he was, in fact, taking a video), and asked me the greatest question ever(:
Words could not describe how excited I am for our new chapter, and to start our forever(: I never thought love like this was possible, and I am so thankful to have been shown this love by him. 

Gundersons was so incredibly helpful, and so congratulatory and genuinely happy for us, I would highly recommend this place to everyone<3

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October 12, 2024