Ashley & Tom Proposal Story

June 13, 2022

Swansea, Wales

Tom took me to United Kingdom for my first trip out of the country. He is from there, so he was my very own personal tour guide. Our first stay after landing in London was in Wales. The morning of, we both woke up feeling uneasy- me for unknown reasons, Tom because of the nerves getting to him- but we knew were going to push through and go out and sight see. Tom took me to a place called Worm’s Head- beautiful cliffs that overlook the sea. He kept mentioning how busy the place was for a Monday, and I agreed, but we carried on walking. As we started our way back, Tom found a smaller edge out of sight from the rest of the walkers. Naturally, I was amazed that he went down to this edge as he has a fear of heights, but I followed anyways to get some more pictures. As we were standing there taking in the moment, Tom looked at me and told me that he wanted us to have at least one reason for us to come back here to visit, and he got down on one knee. Just when I thought my first trip to the United Kingdom couldn’t get any better, the man of my dreams asked me to marry him and be his forever. Thank you Gunderson’s for this beautiful ring. The start of our happily every after.

14K white gold engagement ring with accent diamonds


Destination Wedding- TBD