Brynn & Levi Proposal Story

May 11, 2022

The Acropolis of Athens, Athens, Greece

Levi and I both attended and graduated from Wayne State College (WSC). Although we were in most of the same Pre-medicine courses throughout our entire undergrad, we never really started talking until the end of our sophomore year. After we started dating, we spent much of our time together at WSC having fun with friends and pushing each other academically.

When Levi and I had gotten accepted into the same medical school, we knew that we needed to enjoy our last summer off before the rigorous coursework of med-school began. With this in mind, we were lucky enough to go on a cruise with both of our moms that went to Greece, the Holy Land of Israel, and Italy.

Levi knew that the only place on the vacation I had already been to was Athens, Greece. So, while on top of the Acropolis, Levi asked his mom to “take a picture of us” and got down on one knee. His mom and my mom were both in on the proposal, so I not only got to say yes to marrying the love of my life, but we also got a video of the most amazing proposal I could have ever asked for. Since I had already been to Athens, I thought going there would be the least memorable part of the trip, but Levi made it an unforgettable one!

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