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katie and ross proposal story

November 19, 2021

Our new home

We weren't really looking for a house seriously, just browsing at the time. We ended up making an offer on a house that ended up being right next to where his cousin lives. Our closing day was November 19th, 2021. Katie was flying home from Vegas the day before and her flight kept getting delayed so she was worried she would miss the house closing. Her mom and best friend were on the trip with her and knew what was waiting for her when she got back. She flew in late the night before closing. They spent their last night in their downtown apartment in Sioux Falls. Katie and Ross then went over the Flandreau to sign on their house in Moody County. Katie wanted to stop and get breakfast (not apart of the plan) before going to see their new home. After breakfast they drove over to Colman to their new home. Upon walking in the house, Katie was worried about how she would decorate the fire place. Ross said "Katie, can you look over here". The camera started clicking and there were 3 big arrangements of flowers sitting on the counter and the ring box. Ross told Katie that he didn't want to start this new journey out together as just boyfriend and girlfriend and he got down on one knee and proposed. Katie said "Yes!" Ross had made the moment perfect for her in their new home, a place that was special for both of them and he had a friend capture the whole moment. He then surprised her later that night with an engagement party including friends and family.

2 carat yellow gold oval with a thin band

November 19, 2022

The Country Club of Sioux Falls