Lexi & Matt Proposal Story

May 28, 2021

Scottsdale, Arizona

Every summer our friends take a trip and last year we all agreed on going to Scottsdale, Arizona where Matt’s dad has a beautiful house. A few weeks before our trip we brought home a brand-new puppy named Douggie which my parents volunteered to watch during our trip. Friday the boys decided to go golfing and the girls went to a winery. We all met back at the house that evening and got dressed up for dinner. Family and Friends who live in Arizona came over for what I thought was drinks and appetizers before dinner. We made our way outside to take some pictures when it was time for Matt and me to take a picture a friend held up a poster with a picture our new puppy and a ring that said, “Mom will you Marry dad?” I turned around and saw Marry Me lite up in the desert behind us. Matt dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him with my dream ring. I was shocked but managed to say yes, however, instantly felt sad as my parents and brother were not there. I was surprised once again when they all came running out of the house to celebrate. It was such a special moment, and I am so grateful we got to share it with our people.

Rose Gold, Round Diamond

August 20, 2022

Omaha, NE