Holiday Trend Alert: Diamond Tennis From Diabella

If someone on your holiday shopping list wants a diamond tennis bracelet— don’t call the sporting goods store. Unlike a specialized racquet, a tennis bracelet won’t improve your game, but it will make you look fabulous!

Bracelets are nothing new. Rather, they have adorned the wrists of royalty since the ancients devised a way to fashion gold into wearable objects some 6,000 years ago. The diamond line bracelet (the nomenclature used before the sport of tennis got involved) started to gain popularity in the 1920’s. It wasn’t until a diamond bracelet was lost during the ’78 US Open that the ‘tennis bracelet’ became en vogue.

We all asked this at one point: what does the sport of tennis have to do with a diamond bracelet? From the mid 1970’s to the early 80’s tennis player Christine Everth dominated the sport, winning six US Open titles (a record she still shares with Serena Williams) during her career. During one match in 1978, play was stopped as she searched for a diamond bracelet that fell from her wrist.

After the match was over, a journalist asked her about the unusual delay. Her response? “Oh, it was just my tennis bracelet”. And thus, the tennis connection to the diamond line bracelet was born. Everth went on to dominate in the sport, never wavering in her love of the simple diamond bracelet.

Perhaps the most common version of the tennis bracelet is made from yellow or white gold, has articulated links, and is set with round brilliant diamonds held in four-prong settings. The articulated links make the bracelet very easy to wear while being active— including playing tennis! Another benefit of wearing a bracelet that isn’t rigid (like a bangle bracelet) is that it flows easier with the watch or bracelets you already wear. Who doesn’t love a wrist stack?!

Another way to wear a diamond tennis bracelet is to change up the shape of diamond. While round brilliant diamonds offer maximum sparkle, consider a bracelet with a fancy cut diamond to add a little bit of pizazz to your look.  Emerald cut diamonds have a elegant look, whereas pear or teardrop shaped gems appear organically inspired.

All in all, it’s hard to go wrong with a diamond tennis bracelet as a holiday gift. In our opinion, they are the perfect piece to wear next to a watch—or stack diamond bracelets for a dramatic look! The diamond tennis bracelet is versatile, easy to wear, and available in many different sizes and designs to suit any taste and budget—only at Gunderson’s! Just remember, skip the sporting goods store: Gunderson’s is your holiday destination for tennis bracelets!