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Discover the art of Caviar

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Since 1977, LAGOS has been a pioneer in designer fine jewelry, combining precious materials and strong design to offer modern, iconic styles. Designer and master jeweler Steven Lagos has curated the finest materials and gemstones to create the Caviar collections with bold, distinctive designs. From the art of the stack to mixing metals, LAGOS inspires endless styling opportunities for those who wear it, bringing MY LAGOS, MY WAY to life.


Caviar is the signature design of LAGOS, featuring luminous beading that is visible on every style in every collection. It takes hundreds of steps and a precise eye to complete a Caviar creation by our team of artisan jewelers. The unique texture of Caviar is a feat of expert craftsmanship and engineering. The innovative design is comfortable, wearable and moves with the LAGOS woman like a second skin.



The fine jewelry bracelet for the Apple Watch offers endless options to transform your watch to a piece of fine jewelry. Caviar watchbands in gold, silver or two-tone for a style that matches any occasion.