Louis Moinet: Mechanical Wonders

Gunderson’s continues to push the envelope by offering their clients pieces available at no other jeweler. We’re proud to highlight Louis Moinet, a modern legend amongst the most prestigious watchmakers. Not only are they technically brilliant, but their casework and dials are exquisite and worthy of the highest praise.

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The heritage of Louis Moinet is sprinkled with revolutionary bits of brilliance. The watchmaker can not only be credited with producing the first chronograph watch in 1816, but also by producing exquisite and complex clocks for Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe. With a client list like that, it’s safe to say Moinet was a celebrity watchmaker of the 18th and 19th Century. Today, his brilliance lives on under the careful direction of Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO and Creative Director of the manufacture that now bears the Moinet name. Schaller, a native of the Jura Mountains, has long held watchmaking and the work of Louis Moinet in the highest regard. So when he envisioned what a Moinet design would look like in modern times, he set about to create a family of watches that featured exotic materials, innovative technology, and exclusively available in limited editions.

Moinet was considerate both of how a watch operates and how it appears aesthetically, making sure form and function were given equal thought. That tradition continues today, with cases hewn from special alloys of gold, platinum, steel, and titanium. Inside each case is a movement constructed to the highest of standards and meant to encapsulate the most sophisticated hallmarks of watchmaking. Complications are commonplace: tourbillon, minute repeater, retrograde seconds, and skeletonized dials are all employed to highlight the technical prowess of the Louis Moinet manufacture.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of a Moinet timepiece are the dials. While all are beautiful, they vary from set with jewels to constructed from a microprocessor. Each dial is hand cut to fit each specific watch. Due to the rarity of such delicate materials, watches are only released in very limited editions, if not one-of-a-kind. Annual production numbers are very low, with the company also offering bespoke services to create the watch of your dreams. While Gunderson’s has a large selection of Louis Moinet timepieces available on our website, our sales advisors would love to walk you through the process of making your own mechanical wonder.

As Gunderson’s continues the tradition of providing quality watchmaking to our clients, we are ecstatic to offer you one of the masterpieces by Louis Moinet. We invite you to peruse our collection of Moinet pieces online, or to see the pieces yourself by visiting our Omaha location. Private showings are also available.