The Luxury of Choice

Colorful, full of character, and as individual as you are: Introducing Tangente 38 date from NOMOS Glashutte in a new limited-edition collection available at Gunderson’s Jewelers. There are 31 different color compositions to choose from, with each version of the iconic model Tangente reflecting an entirely different personality. As they are limited to just 175 pieces each, these mechanical watches sold out quickly online in the NOMOS store-but now the entire collection has arrived with Gunderson’s Jewelers. From Ariel to Zirkus, the choice is yours; find your next timepiece made in Glashutte, Germany-a legally protected designation of origin-while stocks last.


Time to express yourself.

Tangente 38 date Sportbunt, pictured here, radiates confidence in its eye-catching combination of red, blue, and yellow. It is one of 31 limited-edition color compositions from NOMOS Glashutte.


Always up to date.

The extra-large date window of these watches is practical and pleasing to the eye. As NOMOS GlashOtte produces its own calibers, this complication is integrated into the color composition of the individual watch. Seen here in Tangente Schlossgrun.


Self-expression in style.

With 31 different color compositions to choose from, such as Tangente Pompadour shown here, there is a watch in this limited-edition collection for every style. Whether you love bold colors or are looking for a more subtle style statement.


Powered by precision mechanics.

All 31 versions of Tangente in this limited-edition collection, including Tangente Tiefseegrau shown here, are powered by the DUW 4101 date caliber. NOMOS Glashutte received its first patent for the date complication in this manual movement. It also features a proprietary escapement, the NOMOS swing system, and is regulated according to chronometer values.