April 9, 2022

Maui, Hawaii

When I played on the beaches of Maui as a little girl, I never imagined this beautiful island would be where I’d say “yes” to the man of my dreams! Luke and I were in Hawaii for work when he surprised me by getting down on one knee at the beach during sunset. The moment was made even sweeter when I saw the ring - a custom design based on a ring my late father had given me when I was sixteen. Even though my Dad couldn’t be there to give his blessing, it meant so much to me and my family that the team at Gunderson’s found a way to honor him in the design. While I was tearful with joy, Luke pointed to the top of the bluff where my mother, his mother, brothers, and a friend were cheering and waving! They all surprised me in Hawaii to help celebrate, with my talented friend Lacey Douglas who was hiding under a beach towel to capture these photos. We made a toast on the beach, had a wonderful dinner at the Four Seasons with incredible champagne, and drove the Road to Hana together the next day. It was the perfect proposal and better than all my hopes and dreams. Thank you Gunderson’s for helping us start our lives together!

Custom design

May 12, 2023

Estes Park, Colorado