Megan & Tyler - Gunderson's Jewelers

Megan & Tyler Proposal Story

March 20, 2022

Kauai, Hawaii

Ever since Tyler and I started dating in 2017 we have made it a priority to travel together as much as we can! We love trying new things and are always up for an adventure! One place that we wanted to travel to is Hawaii, so we landed on Kauai. On our list of must do travel activities while there was a helicopter tour of the island taking in the beautiful terrain. The first day of our trip, got all geared up, took the safety course and just as we were about to board the helicopter, weather rolled in, and the pilot determined it was not safe to go up. We were both disappointed, but Tyler was taking it much harder than me, which was unusual for him. While our afternoon was now open, we decided to go back to the hotel and regroup. Tyler had the idea to grab a drink and head down to the beach. We walked down to the beach for what seemed like forever until Tyler found the perfect spot. Before I could take even a sip of my drink, Tyler got down on his knee and popped the question! Given the start to our day, I was in complete shock! He started to explain how he had been in contact with the pilot and had planned on popping the question mid flight with a photographer joining to capture it all. Regardless of the mishaps that day, it was the most incredible day and sharing that moment with just us on the beach was a moment we will always have together. After the proposal, we called our friends and family to share in the great news. The rest of the week, we got to enjoy being newly engaged in the most gorgeous place we have ever been! Though we were never able to take a helicopter tour of the island, we joke that it means we must go back! When I look at the beautiful ring from Gunderson’s that my mom and fiancé had a hand in helping with, I will always remember that trip and the exciting future we have together as the future Mr. and Mrs. Ashby!

Round Brilliant

May 20, 2023

Ocean Key Resort, Key West Florida